The Sportsman's Memory Shop
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13639 US Hwy. 287 North
Grapeland, TX 75844
Phone: 936.687.2945
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PreHunt Information

» Prior To Your Hunt «

Contact the Sportsman's Memory Shop for your free, personalized shipping tags to take with you on your hunt. You will attach one tag to every skin, skull and set of horns. These tags have your info, Coppersmith, Inc. info and The Sportsman's Memory Shop's info to help ease and expedite getting your trophies to us.

» Trophies Coming From Outside of the U.S. «

They will be imported through Coppersmith, Inc. who will contact you directly once they receive them. You will pay them for their services and then they will expedite the trophies to Quality Fur Dressing, our tannery in Spring, TX.

» Once The Sportsman's Memory Shop Receives Your Trophies «

We will do an inventory. Then, we will contact you to discuss trophies, take pose instructions and finalize your order. Be thinking from right after your hunt about what you would like to do with your trophies, as it certainly helps move things along. Use this website to help with mounting ideas.

» Deposit Invoice Will Be Sent Via Email, Mail, or Fax «

Once we have finalized your order, you will be sent a deposit invoice for a 50% deposit on the mount. After we receive post instructions and your 50% deposit, we will have your mount completed in 10-12 months.

» Tropies Nearing Completion «

We will call or e-mail you to discuss the different shipping options available to you. Or discuss having your trophies delivered to you for a nominal fee. Also you will be given your final invoice for the remaining 50% balance on your order.

The Sportsman's Memory Shop

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